Configuring your MySQL source.


  • If your MySQL database is protected by security groups or other firewall settings, you will need to have the data-syncing service's static IP available to complete Step 1.

Step 1: Allow access

Create a rule in a security group or firewall settings to whitelist:

  • incoming connections to your host and port (usually 3306) from the static IP.
  • outgoing connections from ports 1024 to 65535 to the static IP.

Step 2: Create reader user

Create a database user to perform the reading of the source data.

  1. Open a connection to your MySQL database.
  2. Create a user for the data transfer by executing the following SQL command.
CREATE USER <username>@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '<some-password>';
  1. Grant user required privileges on the relevant tables.
GRANT SELECT ON 'some_schema'.'some_table' TO <username>@'%';

Step 3: Add your source

Securely share your host name, database name, port, your chosen schema name, username, and password with us to complete the connection.