Learn about the built-in Prequel environments

What are the Prequel environments?

Every Prequel account is provisioned with two environments: staging and prod. Functionally, they behave the same, but with a few key differences.

Considerations by Environmentprodstaging
SupportStandard SLA as guaranteed in Service Agreement.Prequel SLAs do not apply to staging environments. Tactically, this means Prequel support is not monitoring staging environments, and will not actively detect or respond to issues.
BillingBilled according to your Service Agreement.Prequel does not bill for staging usage.
ProductSchema evolution considerations mean column data types cannot be modified (only added/removed)Schema evolution features are not enabled. Modifying column data types may break transfers until a full_refresh is performed.

Switching between staging and prod environments

API keys: sk_staging_* vs. sk_prod_*

API keys beginning with sk_staging_ will automatically route your request to your staging environment. API keys beginning with sk_prod_ will route requests to prod.

Admin UI toggle

In the admin UI, the toggle at the bottom left of the screen can be used to switch between or verify environments.