Prequel IPs

How to find the Prequel static IPs

The static IP you use during configuration will depend on your chosen deployment option. Based on your deployment, below are instructions for finding your IP.

Prequel Static IPs

DeploymentStatic IPs
Cloud Hosted (US)
(most popular)
Cloud Hosted (EU)
Shared CloudYour Prequel deployment contact can share your static IPs, or you can find them in the shared GCP or AWS console.
Cloud PremAfter configuring the static IPs during deployment, you can find your static IPs in the GCP or AWS console.

Why is this important?

To enable secure cross-cloud reading and writing of data, the Prequel service is assigned a set of static IPs through which the service will connect to databases. The sources and destinations are configured to add read and write access (respectively) from these IP addresses only.